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Golden milk and edible detox paste and mask
Golden milk and detox pasta - masque are examples of edible cosmetics because with the help of powerful allies - curcuma, cold-pressed oils, honey and spices like cayenne pepper , ginger and cinnamon strongly affect our metabolism, drive faster regeneration of cells, raise defensive mechanisms of the body inflammations, viruses, bacteria and fungi in our body wherever they are), they reduce the malignant diseases and acidity of the body, and so rejuvenate our body and make the skin beautiful and fresh. They can be consumed every day and you will notice the first signs of the positive effects of these preparations for two weeks.
Anticellulite (r)evolution
Anti-cellulite (r)evolution approaches women with cellulite issues in a whole new way - presenting it as an indicator of improper work of multiple levels of body: from physical to mental to spiritual and emotional. The author Mary Novosel is in an accessible, sometimes even humorous way, along with numerous recipes and recommendations, included a number of interesting anatomy data as well as numerous factors that affect cellulite.
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Detox for the mind and body
This is one of those books that everyone should have in their home health library. We live fast and we are exposed to various pressures - our body is overwhelmed with food and mind information - so our emotions increasingly gain a negative sign. That is why, from time to time, it is necessary to cleanse ourselves from all the badness that is accumulated in us. Cleansing toxins at all levels - physical, mental, spiritual and emotional - is the only way to health. With Detox, you will find, with a smile on your face, the ease of living - without the burden of bad thoughts and tired bodies.
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