Every family has a small home-made pharmacy which we use for minor problems. In some cases home pharmacy is stored in one place, and in some households a certain preparation is always somewere on shelves, in rooms and cabinets.How many times did you spot a regular plaster, something against pain or burns? Just for such an awesome situation, it is good to place a small, home-grown pharmacy in a bigger box in a bigger box, in a single, preferably dry and dark place, for lighter and more common problems that we do not need to get to the doctor right away, and are still uncomfortable to ignore them.

What does a home drug store need to contain?


Apart from basic aids such as sterile gasses, compresses, scissors, flasks, alcohol, saline, thermometer, pressure gauge, blacksmiths and jewelers, which also includes each box of first aid, it is good to have a small set of natural preparations for healthy treatment and treatment of everyday problems. For all natural preparations, ointments, essential oils and other additives, it is good to write, if not, the shelf life and the dosage. Some formulations such as green clay, charcoal or aloe vera can be consumed by all households and even pets, and some require little counseling with the aroma or phytotherapist, so it's good that a small pharmacy is beyond the reach of children. Of course, everyone will adapt the ingredients - depending on the needs and preferences, and we will give an example of how it would look like a natural pharmacy for a dozen of the most commonly used health problems.


Cough and cold - are alleviated by using a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon powder, 2 tablespoons of honey and lemon juice. This mixture is dissolved in 2 dl of hot boiled water and is poured while warm. The procedure can be repeated several times a day. You can replace ginger with a spoonful of apple vinegar or half a teaspoon of egg powder. Many spoonfuls of honey mix with chopped strawberry garlic and eat this mixture several times a day. Because of the aniconic ingredient that gives strong garlic to antibacterial and antiviral properties, but also a specific smell, many avoid eating this spice when it is fresh. In the pharmacies it is also possible to buy capsulated garlic that breaks down in the digestive tract so there is no hint of it and the effects are exactly the same. Regardless of the treatment chosen, it is well with these supplements to also take vitamin C (500 mg per day) to enhance the body's defense mechanisms.


Frostbite - is easiest to treat with a lukewarm bath and then a light massage with oil to which we add a little ground chili pepper (on 2 dl of oil 1 teaspoon chilli). Due to the capsaicin ingredient, chili paprika quickly stimulates the circulation and warms the cooled parts.


Headaches - There are various forms, apparently there are almost 200 specimens of this occurrence, but the most common psychological stress is that if you have a headache or migraine, it is recommended to remove from the sources of noise and stress and calm down with the tea of ​​herbs, lavender or valerian (1 teaspoon of dry substances on 2 dl of hot water). You can also lightly massage the neck and patch area with a mix of 1 tablespoon of base oil (almond and olive) and a couple of drops of essential lavender oil. If the head is cold in the cold, it is recommended several times a day to squeeze on a handkerchief of 1 cap of essential pepper or eucalyptus oil and inhale this dummy throughout the day.


Insomnia and anxiety - they are more and more affected by an older and very young population, and if you are bothered with these disorders, it is good that you always have your own pills or bags of valerian and honey tea and you can even cuddle under the pillow before bedtime , one drop of essential lavender oil. This oil is known as very calming and will certainly help you to feel more at ease.


Skin problems - Due to burns, insect bites or injuries, it is best to treat a combination of aloe vera gel and essential oils. If you are bitten or burned in the sun, the ideal combination to ease the problem is to mix the gel of aloe vera with essential lavender oil (if burning with fire) or peppermint (if it is sunburn). The mixture is made so that one spoon of gel is mixed with 5 drops of essential oil and may optionally be added a little water and then the mixture will look like light lotion. In the case of bites of insects, the situation is a little different, because there is usually a poison that the insect releases and needs to neutralize it best with a mixture of one teaspoon of baking soda, wine sprouts and apple vinegar with 5 drops of essential oil of tea or lavender. Use this mixture to paint a painful place. Also, gavies and oatmeal fat and chanterelle oil will help with smaller inflammation of the skin, pimples and rash, and painful joints and muscles if you lightly massage these preparations before bedtime.


Fungus - they can be very uncomfortable because itching, and sometimes, especially on the feet, they can have an odorless scent. If you make a paste of neem powder (1 tablespoon), essential tea oil (5 drops), essential thyme oil (5 drops), spoonful of wine vinegar (1 tablespoon) and wine spoon (1 tablespoon), and pour it 2 times daily with fungus - it is necessary for the paste to stand for 20 minutes - for two days the fungus will completely disappear. The same formulation is excellent once a week to apply as a hair mask, especially if you have a strong dermatitis or sebaceous dermatitis.


Excessive pains - are especially present in the summer months as well as for the holidays when everyone is overweight with food and drink. There is no need to circumvent the active (medical) coal, which will pull all the toxins off, and reduce the effects of food poisoning, but also reduce the overflow. Usually it is taken in powder or tablets, and the dosage is written on the box - and you are exaggerating - nothing terrible will happen because this preparation is completely safe for use and can be consumed by both children and pets. If you feel it is decayed you can accelerate it by consuming 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate into 2 dl of water, and if you have a bad stomach, it is good to have the chamomile or ginger tea (1 teaspoon of dried matter or garnished roots of ginger on 2 dl of hot water) . Also, to speed up digestion, especially if you've eaten a lot of fatty foods, one drop of essential oil of pepper dumplings on a cube or a teaspoon of white sugar can help. When you eat it, less than 10 minutes of digestive disturbances are reduced or disappear. Also, gingerbread tea as well as non-alcoholic ginger beer is ideal for travel and pregnancy stamps because they ease digestion and can be consumed by children too. Those who have, with digestive disorders and problems with hemorrhoids, are well prepared to prepare salty oral tablets that will, due to their mucus, help digest and heal small wounds.


Hengover- is best solved by drinking large amounts of water to remove toxins from the body as soon as possible, and it is good to mix ¼ teaspoons chilli powder with 3 dl tomato juice and add a salt soap and drink it several times a day. Capsaicin from chilli peppers will speed up digestion and endorphins, a natural pain killer, and the symptoms of sleepwalking may disappear in a few hours.





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